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How to Make a Responsive WordPress Website Design?

Computers, desktops, and laptops are all good, but nothing can beat the comfort of browsing the internet by scrolling the screen through the fingertips. And yet, some aspects can affect the overall site experience.

For example, imagine having to pinch your fingers repeatedly on the smartphone or tablet to view what’s written on the site.

This problem can be easily solved with a responsive web design.

It’s one of the reasons responsive web designs in Florida and all over the US have flourished in the past few years.

One fact to fuel the sudden interest is the number of web designers and developers in the United States. While it verged around 178,900 in 2020, it’s expected to soar as high as 205,000 in 2030. Moreover, responsive web designs play a vital role in helping customers make buying decisions.

According to research, people are more likely to prefer a website within 24 hours of visiting it on their mobile screens if it has a responsive design.

73.1% of web designers also believe that non-responsive websites cause high bounce rates. Consequently, it leads to low search engine rankings.

This points to one thing: creating a responsive web design can elevate your business operations as nothing does.

But which platform is the best? And does it offer a tailor-made solution?

A WordPress-themed web design is an answer to both questions.

Since WordPress is the most widely used and highly flexible platform, we see a high rise in businesses diverging toward it.

If you own a static web design and looking to convert it into a responsive WordPress design, fret not.

This blog has all the information you need to make a responsive WordPress website design in 3 simple steps (includes a bonus tip to fasten the process).

What Is a Responsive WordPress Website Design?

responsive WordPress design

WordPress comprises a collection of themes that display how your site will look like. Although traditionally, WordPress held static themes (it still does!), the advent of smart devices has paved the way for responsive WordPress website designs to become a norm.

In essence, a responsive WordPress web design covers the following:

  • It contains flexible images.
  • Its design is adaptable to all kinds of devices.
  • It utilizes CSS media queries that help with breakpoints.
  • It has proportionated fluid site grids instead of fixed ones.

How to Make a Responsive WordPress Web Design?

Creating a mobile responsive WordPress design is possible with sufficient coding knowledge. However, the major elements you must know are to:

Choose a Custom Theme

When it’s about using a responsive WordPress web design, expecting a one-size-fits-all theme design is futile. And since the beauty of WordPress lies in its thousands of customizable themes, you can create your own by choosing one that suits your business the best.

For instance, if you have an eCommerce business, a theme with an eCommerce plugin with prices and product display will serve the best purpose.

And if you offer consultations, your site must have booking features with a form that clients can fill in.

Find Flexible Options

Find-Flexible-Options (1)

WordPress allows users to customize the theme according to their preferences. This includes:

  1. Fonts
  2. Colors
  3. Logo
  4. Layout

You can also find a theme that offers integration with a page builder so you can experiment with different layouts or customize different layouts throughout the website.

Select an Appealing Web Design

A responsive WordPress web design can bring maximum traffic once you implement the changes. But something else determines user retention: an attractive and appealing web design.

So, how can you make sure your site has that oomph factor?

It’s easy. Simply select a theme with a web design that attracts your aesthetic sense. You can also put yourself in your audience’s shoes and evaluate what they like best.

By researching audience persona, you can eliminate the continuous back and forth of modifying the page layouts. Instead, you can implement the changes early on to build a website that checks all the boxes.

Once you’ve found the ‘one’ responsive WordPress website design, you can get ahead with your dream of owning a website that brings you sales and revenue.

And now, the bonus tip we promised:

Hire Responsive Web Design Services

The steps mentioned above apply to a person with significant coding knowledge. And although WordPress is an open-source platform, it can be challenging to master it.

So, if you fall in the non-technical category or find yourself short of time to learn how to use WordPress, we have a better alternative: hire responsive web design services without delay.

What Do Responsive Web Design Services Offer?

Web Design in Florida

Professional web design companies that create responsive web design in Florida know that responsiveness is a major element in converting 50% of browsers into clients. That’s why they include a plethora of responsive web design services revolving around:

  1. Responsiveness
  2. Testing
  3. Launch

It is also crucial to remember that mobile responsive in WordPress and responsive WordPress web design is completely different.

Mobile responsiveness is about making a design responsive according to a mobile phone display screen. That means giving a business two versions:

  1. Desktop site
  2. Mobile site

Even though having two websites is manageable, if you have several business operations, it can turn chaotic.

In comparison, a responsive WordPress web design offers a universal design that fits well regardless of the device type. So, not only is it cost-effective, but it also improves your business efficiency.

Besides that, a responsive WordPress website design is important because:

  • It supports search engine optimization
  • It delivers a consistent user experience
  • It offers quick content optimization

Compared to running a trial and error on creating a responsive site, you can invest in responsive web design services to get favorable outcomes.

With a professional team by your side, you can leverage benefits like:

  • SEO-friendly website
  • Quick site loading speed
  • Tightened security

Above all, you can save significant time, money, and the hassle of DIY.

How to Get a Responsive Web Design in Florida?

Once you’ve decided on a custom theme, it’s time to transform it into reality.

Here are the steps you need to follow to ease up the process:

  • Buy a unique domain name for your website.
  • Get a web hosting plan so people can access your site.
  • Create SEO-optimized content to go on your website.

Get Your Responsive Web Design in Florida Now!

Responsive WordPress website designs are the need of the hour in today’s competitive world. So, if you have been sticking to a static WordPress theme or a traditional web design that doesn’t offer users a stop-worthy experience, you’ve already given in.

Our Suggestion

At Comfort Oni, we’re known for creating a customized responsive WordPress web design according to specific industry types. As a leading company that provides responsive web design services in Florida, we can help you ace the race.

We cater to startups, small businesses, and mid-level enterprises, so no matter your category, consider yourself covered.

Frequently Asked Questions

A responsive web design is one that changes its size and orientation according to the device type being used. So, if a user views a website on their smartphone, its appearance will adapt to the screen size. As a result, it enables better viewing without the user resorting to zoom-in or zoom-out options.

The best way to convert a website into a responsive WordPress web design is to follow these steps:

  1. Select Default Zoom
  2. Set fluid element widths and heights
  3. Adapt image size according to screen
  4. Implement design-specific breakpoints
  5. Create a mobile menu
  6. Change fonts

Although meant to ease things out, WordPress's highly flexible CMS can be a cause of concern for beginners. With thousands of free themes available, novices can get frustrated with the specifications and setting configurations. However, this can be dealt with by hiring a professional web design agency. Why? Because professionals know how to create a responsive web design in Florida.

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